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Why join us
to digital dentistry

Gain visibility
and new patients

Maximize your reach. Multiply your clients by offering services to people who cannot come to your office.

Increases the value
of time in the armchair

Optimize consultation time for higher value treatments and remotely manage the simplest issues without affecting the quality of care.

Increases the

Improve the efficiency of your clinic. It creates new gaps in the schedule by radically reducing the time spent on non-intervention appointments.

Get more information
prior to the visit

Simplify your planning. Know your patients' needs before they arrive at the office and plan each appointment to optimize your time.

Reduce costs

Save money by avoiding the consumption of gloves, masks, equipment and time in the clinic.

Take your clinic to the next level

Open the door to the dentistry of the future

The world is moving towards digitalization. Young patients demand more: they want to be able to connect with you easily for emergencies, advice, follow-up or second opinions. Don't get left behind. Give them the attention they need no matter where they are.

Your dental practice in your pocket

Access your clinic's information from the comfort of your cell phone


In-office and out-of-office dentistry

Answer your patients' questions from anywhere. Offer your clinic's professionals the possibility of teleworking some days of the week.

Remote monitoring and control

Provide personalized, quality care to your patients after major surgeries or treatments without spending excessive time. Easily monitor acute conditions to minimize problems and create peace of mind for patients.


Innovation and new services

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing your patients with personalized remote access. Improve the pre- and post-clinic experience with a new service tailored to the lifestyle and demand of patients.

Join the new era in dental care

myDentist facilitates access to dentistry for thousands of people. Use our service to connect with them: download myDentist PRO, interact directly from your cell phone and maximize the possibility that they will hire your services.

Teleodontology is already here

Offer an innovative service and differentiate yourself by providing a personalized virtual experience.